The Montessori School
of Washington

offers early education
for children aged two through six years.


In the classroom, each child follows a natural progression through
four categories of learning

The Practical Life Exercises involve simple tasks relating to care and maintenance of each child's environment. They give each child a sense of organization and concentration, as well as an appreciation of a completed cycle of activity.

The Sensorial Materials help each child organize, categorize and refine the perceptions of his senses, e.g., colors, sounds, geometric shapes and relative sizes.

The Language Materials prepare each child for writing and reading. Children are made aware of phonetics, vocabulary and the functions of words.

In Mathematics, each child is exposed to concrete materials that introduce counting and the association of numbers with quantities. The program then progresses to more abstract concepts in preparation for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

MSOW's goal is to develop patterns of concentration and thoroughness in early childhood in order to produce a competent and confident learner in later years.

Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.
— Maria Montessori, Creator of Montessori programms

A variety of language lessons and other activities, including:

  • Spanish: Most research suggests that children have a tremendous ability to learn other languages during the first six years of life. We here at MSOW nurture and enable that ability by introducing Spanish to our curriculum. Every Thursday, our circle-time includes basic colors, numbers (0-30), letters, common nouns, introductions, person identification, shapes, animals, grace/courtesy/etiquette application. The lessons will be delivered through guided movement, song, dance, and hands on activities.

  • Music & Dance: Children have a natural and basic tendency to respond to music, and at MSOW we provide ample opportunities to explore and interpret music under the guidance of our specially-trained music teachers. Playing music and moving to a beat provides stimulating experiences for young children and fosters learning.

  • Yoga: Weekly yoga sessions at MSOW incorporate exercise and play using yoga poses as a springboard for exploration of many other areas such as nature, animal adaptation and behaviors, chanting, and storytelling. These sessions physically enhance chidrens' flexibility, coordination and body awareness while helping them to connect more deeply with their inner self.

  • Fun-Fitness: MSOW's weekly Fun-Fitness session is a high-energy, excitement packed activity that brings physical, language and cognitive development to a whole new level using various props, balls, chutes, scarves, instruments, etc.

  • Art: MSOW's art programs focus on Drawing (with the use of various mediums like crayons, brushes, chalk), Painting, Elements (shapes, color), and Appreciation (sense of accomplishment)

The goals of our programs are:

PROVIDE opportunities for each child to be successful, creating a positive self-image.

HELP each child become competent, independent and self-confident
and to learn to respect freedom with responsibility.

ENCOURAGE each child's natural CURIOSITY and love of learning within
a structure but with flexibility.

Provide natural, ungraded, vertical grouping of children so that they may

Encourage independent study as well as group cooperation to foster