Week 1 (June 3rd – June 7th)

●  Outdoor exploration - The children will explore the nature around them, learning about the precious land around them. Campers will learn about the earth and what it provides.

Week 2 (June 10th – June 14th)

● Life cycle of a plant- See them grow! Campers will learn the life cycle of a plant. The bean is the one of the first experimentation on biology, what better way to show the children how nature grows! 

Week3 (June 17rd- June 21st)

● Gardening- Camper will dive into gardening. Their little hands will explore the damp earth and plant seeds. The pride they will take in tended to a garden that they contributed to.

Week 4 (June 24th – June 28th)

● Nature with art integration- Art is a great way for children to express themselves. Through nature the children will us natural tools to create their art!

Week 5 (July 1st – July 5th)

● Insects (life cycle) –Many children love insects, and many don’t. however, through camp they will grow an appreciation for the life that is around them.

Week 6 (July 8th – July 12th)

●  Rainbows – What child does not love rainbows? Besides the beautiful colors, there is more to the rainbow. Campers will learn how rainbows are formed.

Week 7 (July 15th – July 19th)

●   Experimental sciences- For the last week of camp, campers will gain hands-on experience with physical science.

Week 8 (July 22nd – July 26th)

●  Camping week! The children will enjoy indoor camping, where they will have s’mores, faux bonfire and more!      

Week 9 ( July 29th - August 2nd)

  • Theme TBD

Week 10 (August 5th - August 9th)

  • Theme TBD

Week 11 (August 12th - August 16th)

  • Theme TBD

Week 12 (August 19th - August 23rd)

  • Theme TBD

Final confirmation

Please note that your child's registration is not final until you receive a confirmation email from msow.dc@gmail.com
and all camp payments and documents have been received.

*Payment with a credit card must be made at the school and will be charged a service fee of 2%.


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